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Our menu is a seasonal one, a straight forward idea but one that ensures a quality lead approach. We have been influenced by a classic and regional continental cuisine, mainly from South of France, Italy and the whole Mediterranean region. These referential cuisine’s have relied on seasonal produce for centuries in order to maximise flavour and texture and to present food at its peak. Our restaurant has attracted fine diners from over the UK, celebrities such as John Parrot and Frankie Dettori have also been attracted to the olive tree during National & Internationsl Events.

Our passion borders on the neurotic when it comes to freshness. Our policy is from the garden, sea and field to the table. This freshness manifests itself in the tastes and smells of the kitchen, there is nothing to beat freshly harvested produce.

We shall endeavour to provide not only English versions of European dishes or even classic interpretations but also interpretations of local dishes. Wherever possible ingredients such as game, lamb and beef are sourced within Yorkshire. Our fish purchasing is more pragmatic!

We are confident that our purchasing and preparation ensures maximum freshness and certifiable origin. We hope that your experience at the olive tree will provide you full satisfaction not only with the food but also the relaxed atmosphere.


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